Tulika Maan

Indian Judoka Tulika Maan has been a multiple gold medalist at the senior national level in India, junior national medalist in India and since 2019 she has been competing in the IJF World Tour. She also managed to secure a bronze medal at the Asian Open in Taipei.

Tulika was extremely close to making history when she faced off against the Scottish Sarah Aglinton in the 78+KG category for a gold medal in the Judo, this time she flail short and did not manage to take it all the way home in the finals despite her previous performances that have been spectacular. The match was quite head to head and Aglinton managed to secure a victory in the dying moments of the match by scoring an IPPON, even during the early stages Tulika was put on the backfoot due to a couple of early Shidos.

Tulika was absolutely heartbroken and she cried after the loss while congratulating her opponent Aglinton with a hug.

Even though she did not win it is still a proud moment for her and India as she won the silver medal which is also a huge achievement for the country.

Let’s look at her journey until now

Indian Judoka Tulika Maan is a multiple gold medalist in the senior national category in India, she has also achieved greatness in the junior level and been a silver medalist and since 2019 she has been competing in the IJF World Tour and also secured a bronze at the Asian Open in Taipei. She even won the CommonWealth games in 2018 held in Jaipur, her debut at the World’s was in 2017 in Budapest and then she appeared again in the Tokyo World event , in 2019 she became the champion at the CWG in Walsall.

The CWG 2022 silver medalist was never interested in studies since the inception and always wanted to devote herself to Judo professionally, after she passed her 10th grade exams she quit studies and her sole focus was to achieve greatness in Judo and win medals. Actually, I am not really good in my studies. After finishing my 10th standard, I told my mom that I don’t want to continue studying further as I have bigger plans to achieve in the sport. And years have passed and my college (DDU Gorakhpur University) supports me a lot,” she was quoted as saying on fistosports.com.

The 23 year old started Judo as a pass time at the start and as a hobby but then she found a great coach in Yashpal Solanki and started taking this extremely seriously and started working very hard on herself, that is the biggest reason why she got so dedicated and achieved such heights in the sport.