April 20, 2024
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The Dansby Swanson market has started to heat up recently. We’ve seen a flurry of shortstops come off the board this past week, with Trea Turner and Xander Bogaerts signing deals.

The San Francisco Giants have been in talks with Swanson this week to try to figure out a deal. He’s been linked to re-signing with the Atlanta Braves, and the Chicago Cubs have shown interest as well.

Sources: #SFGiants and Dansby Swanson’s camp have been in contact this week about a potential contract. Swanson’s free agent decision is not believed to be imminent. @MLBNetwork @MLB

Voted as an All-Star, he had a slash line of .277/.329/.447 with 25 home runs last season. Swanson had a career-high 96 RBIs last season.

He’s coming off of a great season, but not all the fans feel the same way about him. Some fans would much rather see the team go after Carlos Correa instead. They believe he is the better shortstop out of the two, but he’ll come at a cost.

“Finally! I would MUCH RATHER have Swanson than Correa. Not that the Giants will get either,” one fan explained.

“No. Go sign Correa,” another fan argued.

San Francisco Giants fans are split on the team trying to acquire Dansby Swanson. They don’t think he’ll have the same amount of success at the plate next season as he did last season.

Other fans have mentioned that they wouldn’t mind the team signing him. They want the team to go after Correa, but Swanson would still be impactful to the team. We likely won’t see him sign a contract with a team until after Correa makes a decision.

The Dansby Swanson trade was a huge mistake for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves
Pittsburgh Pirates v Atlanta Braves

The Arizona Diamondbacks selected Dansby Swanson as the first overall selection in the 2015 MLB Draft. They would go on to trade him later that year to the Atlanta Braves for pitcher Shelby Miller.

It wasn’t a good trade for Arizona. Miller would struggle heavily after being acquired, and Swanson was an integral part of the Braves’ championship run in 2021.

Miller went 5-18 and posted a 6.35 ERA in three seasons with Arizona. He didn’t pan out to be the pitcher that the team thought he would be. It has become one of the more memorable mistakes that the team has made recently.

Some fans couldn’t help but wonder how much better their team would have been if they had kept Swanson. He would have been a boost to a team that has consistently hovered around .500 over the last decade.

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