September 30, 2023

After American comedian Stephen Colbert made some harsh remarks on Don Lemon’s outfit on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the TV Journalist went on to claim that he “loved” Stephen, but “didn’t expect” the comments from him. He said:

“First of all, it’s not a sweatshirt, or whatever. It was a sweater that had a hood on it. Anyways, I don’t know if I want to get into it because I was actually really surprised by it.”

Lemon further stated that he wears a variety of outfits for the show, as when he took the job, the media house asked him to be “comfortable.” Stating how much has changed since the pandemic, he said:

“I just found it interesting that there was such a reaction because online I got a lot of negative reactions.”

CNN, highlighting insults of CNN! On “CNN This Morning,” they play Colbert SAVAGING Lemon for wearing a hoodie with a suitcoat. Don: It wasn’t a hoodie. It was a sweater with a hood on it.

Meanwhile, after his co-host Kaitlan Collins asked Don Lemon if he would wear the same outfit again, he said:

“Of course and I will wear it again, will wear some version of that.”

All of it happened after Stephen Colbert mocked Lemon’s outfit by claiming that he looked like a “high school track teacher.”


“How do you report the news in that outfit?”: More details explored on what Stephen Colbert say about Don Lemon’s outfit being “not right”

While it is a known fact that Colbert loves cracking jokes about the political world on The Late S but things heated up a little when he passed on some harsh and rude comments about the CNN host, Don Lemon.

As the host of CNN This Morning wore a suit jacket over a sweatshirt, avid fashion enthusiast Colbert commented on the outfit and said:

“I believe a great man once said, ‘What the f*** is that? I know they want to add some comedy to CNN and this is hilarious, but how do you report the news in that outfit? How do you actually talk about tragedy wearing that because what could be more tragic than that look he had this morning?”

@TMZ If you’re worried about what Don Lemon is wearing, you’ve got some serious issues lol

That’s not all. He went on to compare his outfit to a high school track teacher and said:

“He looked like a high school track teacher who went for a run and then got a little hungry and stopped at a restaurant but it was too nice of a restaurant and they said, ‘Sir, you have to wear a jacket.’ Then he stole a jacket from an extra from Guys and Dolls.”

@TMZ You dress how your dress code is for your work. Your employer makes the rules. If his employer if comfortable with this, then I suppose Don Lemon can dress any stupid way he wants?

Furthermore, it wasn’t just Stephen who was appalled by Don Lemon’s suit over hoodie, Fox News host Tucker Carlson also had some harsh comments to make on the outfit, as he patched in Republican operative and self-described fashion guru Roger Stone. Calling Don Lemon’s outfit a “cry for help”

Tucker said:

“He showed up at work the other day dressed like John Fetterman. Kind of a homeless vibe, he was wearing a hoodie with a suit coat.”

Furthermore, Stone also gave his two cents on the outfit and said:

“I have produced an international best and dressed worst list. You are right. This is sartorially wrong from every point of view unless, of course, you’re running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.”

Netizens too had mixed reactions towards Don Lemon’s outfit, as some stated that they did not care what the host wore, as they loved his style of reporting, others seemed to agree with Tucker and Stephen, as they too thought that the outfit was inappropriate for hosting a news show.

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