The wrestling world is still recovering from the shocking news that ROH Tag Team Champion Jay Briscoe passed away at the age of 38, and it seems that AEW president Tony Khan is doing everything he can to support Jay’s family.

Jay Briscoe, real name Jamin Pugh, was involved in a fatal car accident on January 17th 2023, as another driver swerved into his lane and hit his vehicle head-on. Jay’s two daughters were both in the vehicle as well, both sustaining serious injuries, but have since begun recovering in hospital.

Many in and out of the wrestling community have done everything and anything they can to support the Pugh family during this time, with the likes of The Young Bucks, Kevin Owens, and Chris Jericho donating thousands of dollars to a GiveSendGo fund page designed to help Jay Briscoe’s family.

One person who is reportedly going above and beyond to help the Pugh family is AEW president Tony Khan. Speaking on the What Happened When podcast, Tony Schiavone and co-host Conrad Thompson both praised Khan for his work, although Conrad admitted that Tony wouldn’t want such high praise for this sort of thing.

“I don’t mean to betray any confidences, but let me say this. There is lots of rumors and innuendo from really good sources that Tony Khan is who we thought he was and he’s going to do the right thing by that family as well. I don’t think he would necessarily want anybody to know that information, and I know it’s not your [Tony Schiavone] place to talk about it, but I will say that for all the criticism that gets thrown around ‘Tony this, Tony that.’ When the chips are down, he’s a dude.” (H/T Fightful)

Schiavone agreed with his co-host and admitted that while working for Khan can be challenging at times, it’s undoubtedly worth it, even in situations like the recent passing of Jay Briscoe.

“Tony is very demanding of a boss, and it makes, at times, the week very difficult, but wrestling has always been difficult. There’s never been ease. Tony can be very demanding, as a boss can be, but because he’s such a great person and such a genuine person and loves the wrestling business and takes care of his people, it’s worth it working for him.” (H/T Fightful)

Tony Khan put together “Jay Briscoe: A Celebration of Life” following the AEW events in Fresno, California

AEW usually has long days when it comes to working as the company usually holds a live episode of Dynamite, plus tapings for Rampage and Dark: Elevation, all on the same day.

A fourth show was added to the recent tapings in Fresno, California, but for the fans that stuck around, it was certainly worth it as Ring of Honor presented “Jay Briscoe: A Celebration of Life.”

JANUARY 18A Celebration of Life show for the late Jay Briscoe is taped after Dynamite and Rampage, under the #ROH banner.JAN 19It’s reported that Warner Bros Discovery banned #AEW from holding the Jay Briscoe tribute show on Dynamite.#RIPJayBriscoe

The show was taped following the Rampage taping, and is set to air on both Ring of Honor’s YouTube channel, as well as the HonorClub streaming service in the near future.

The Briscoes were reportedly not allowed to be featured in any real capacity on Dynamite due to WarnerBros Discovery banning Jay and Mark from featuring on any AEW program.

Everyone at Sportskeeda Wrestling would once again like to send their thoughts and prayers to Pugh family at this time.

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