September 30, 2023

The MLB Network is one of the foremost baseball channels around and airs several games each week that are subject to regional restrictions. So where can you stream the network in 2023?

With the MLB season now less than two months away, fans are finally beginning to think about how they will catch their favorite stars in 2023. However, it looks like YouTube TV won’t be the place to go for baseball this year.

Earlier this offseason, it appeared as though YouTube TV would renew its contract with MLB Network. The subscription-based service absorbed the network into its streaming rights deals along with a pair of MLS soccer teams in 2017.

Hi @YouTubeTV how much will our subscription cost go down due to losing programming that we’re currently paying for? Thanks! #mlb

“Hi @YouTube TV how much will our subscription cost go down due to losing programming that we’re currently paying for? Thanks!” – @ John Hardin

However, in January, negotiations broke down between the two parties as YouTube TV looked to renew the deal that it had with the network to stream all the games that it carried.

The disagreement seems to be regarding compensation. MLB Network claimed that YouTube TV, which costs about $65 per month to subscribe to, is not offering them a fair deal.

Fans were hoping that they might be able to catch the World Baseball Classic on YouTube TV. This year features Los Angeles Angels stars Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani making their first appearances for their respective nations.

YouTube TV accounted for the largest percentage of streams. Now it’s likely to be dropped on the 31st of January, fans are wondering where else they will be able to stream games previously streamed via their subscription to the service.

“No more MLB Network on YouTube TV?” – @ Jared Carrabis

Sling TV is drawing some attention. It costs about $40 per month and allows you to stream on the MLB Network anytime you want. Additionally, FuboTV carries games from the Network, and costs $74.99 per month, with a one week free trial available.

Vidgo is another outlet that fans can use to catch MLB action. Vidgo does not make their subscribers sign a contract, which means that they can cancel at anytime. Currently, a Vidgo subscription costs $59.95 per month.

MLB Network may not be gone from YouTube TV forever

It is not clear if this is a permanent change or a maneuver by one of the sides to reach an agreement. There is precedent for networks becoming disillusioned with YouTube TV, only to be reinstated once mutual terms are agreed upon, with Disney being a prime example.

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