Pedro Pascal, the star of The Last of Us and The Mandalorian, hosted SNL recently and donned a Kansas City Chiefs jersey for one of the skits. Pascal is not known to be a big supporter of any NFL franchise in particular, so this was a big moment for football fans that like him.

In the skit, which was obviously run in time for the Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, Pascal’s fan character was at a Super Bowl party with Kenan Thompson’s Eagles fan character and others.

During the game, Wing Pit continuously gave them increasingly large amounts of wings, up to the insane total of 5,000 wings. They also gave the fans their wings in hilarious and dramatic ways, including a chute breaking through the window.

Wing Pit has game day specials that will keep your whole party happy

The skit was a hit with fans, especially NFL fans. They loved seeing Pascal, who is quickly becoming an absolute star in Hollywood, in an NFL uniform- perhaps even more so since it was a Patrick Mahomes jersey.

@nbcsnl ???? This is hilarious! I bet lots of people are going to remember this next Sunday on Super Bowl Day when they eat their chicken wings ??! Pedro with the Chiefs gear??♥️

Pedro pascal going for the chiefs in the sb is so based

Many fans are excited to see Pascal representing the Chiefs for the Super Bowl. It seems as if it was only a skit and that he has no affiliation with the team. He probably could have just as easily been the Eagles fan in this scenario.

Pedro Pascal wore a Patrick Mahomes jersey
Pedro Pascal wore a Patrick Mahomes jersey

Then again, it’s also possible that he chose to wear the Mahomes jersey since he was the host after all.

Will Pedro Pascal’s Kansas City Chiefs win the big game?

The man Pedro Pascal was wearing in the SNL skit, Patrick Mahomes, is going to be extremely important to the Super Bowl.


The Eagles have the benefit of a well-rounded team with elite wide receivers and a very strong running game. They also have one of the league’s best defenses.

The Chiefs don’t have those luxuries. They do, however, have Mahomes. With Mahomes, the Chiefs can never be counted out even if they seem outmatched.


After opening as slight favorites, Pedro Pascal’s Chiefs are now slight underdogs. The Eagles are currently 1.5-point favorites to win it all, but that’s about as slim of a margin as it gets.

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