April 20, 2024
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Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors is a generational talent for how he’s changed the game of basketball. Famed sports analyst Max Kellerman was ecstatic as he praised Curry for being able to be compared to Milwaukee Bucks’ Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Ahead of the Warriors match against the Bucks, experts chose their pick to win the game. Through that, they compared both the humble stars’ game on the floor and their impact in the NBA. Ideally, it would be difficult to compare a perimeter player to someone like Antetokounmpo, who’s mostly a player who bullies his way inside.

Tim Legler, Tim Bontemps, and Kellerman believe that tonight’s matchup could be a preview of this season’s finals. As they compared both players, Kellerman had nothing but praise for the two-time MVP for holding his own.

“It is amazing that Steph Curry, who’s by far the shortest guy in the modern NBA history to ever be in the conversation for best player in the league, right?” Kellerman said. “No one at that 6’3 or under has ever been in that conversation. It is incredible that he is being compared even to a guy who’s almost seven feet, does everything Giannis does on offense and everything he does on defense. It’s incredible! It’s unbelievable!”


The finals matchup between the two teams could come to fruition once the Warriors start getting their stride. The Bucks have no problem, as they’re sitting prettily on the second seed of the Eastern Conference. Golden State have a lot to fix before they can be in the post-season conversation this season.

Luckily, both teams have the chance to receive this season’s Michael Jordan Trophy. Both Steph and Giannis have been playing incredibly well, making them candidates for the MVP award.


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Steph Curry could win his third MVP award this season

Stephen Curry at the NBA MVP Press Conference
Stephen Curry at the NBA MVP Press Conference

Steph Curry has been playing incredibly well this season. The eight-time All-Star is leading the Warriors and doing all he can to try and improve their record for this year’s campaign. Curry is the only player on the team who’s averaging at least 20 points a game this season.

The four-time NBA champion is averaging 30.0 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 7.0 assists while shooting 50.2% from the field and 43.6% from the three-point area. One notable aspect of his game this season is his rebounds, which is the most he’s averaged in his career.

His stats are good enough for him to win the MVP award this season. However, the team record isn’t helping his case, as they’re 14-13. Golden State is currently the ninth seed in the Western Conference, which could be a problem for the team’s playoff goals.


For the Warriors to defend their title and for Curry to win the MVP award, they’ll have to play better as a team.

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