July 24, 2024
IPL 2020 News

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IPL 2020 News-Expected to be held in September-October: Said Brijesh Patel

ipl 2020 news

It is really an exciting and good news for all the cricket lover who were waiting for IPL 2020 world cup this year. Due to COVID 19 the IPL 2020 was postponed which was a sad news for all cricket fans. But now after hearing the Brijesh Patel words all the awaiting for this event has been over and with same excitement cricket fans are ready to wave their favorite flag.

The final decision from ICC was expected to be taken on 28th May 2020 but then got deferred to June 10 and is now expected to resume on June 14, Monday

Brijesh Patel, the chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council, speaking to TOI on Thursday, Brijesh Patel said: “We are ready to go ahead with the IPL. But we can start planning the schedule formally only after the official announcement is made on the T20 World Cup, which I’m expecting will arrive anytime soon. On our part, we’ve already earmarked the September-October window for the tournament to be played.”

ipl 2020 news
IPL 2020 News

The GC chairman said “Right now, we’re saying it’s tentative because finalities of the schedule can only be worked out once official confirmations arrive. Talks are going on with the league’s multiple stakeholders and we’re all on board. So, it’s a matter of time before we start putting things in place,”

The Chairman also added that the senior cricket administrator says there are chances that the tournament can move out of the country too, if it is not possible to host it in India. “We have to watch how things are going to play out over the next one month from a Covid perspective. We don’t mind shifting the IPL to another country, either in part or in full. There are other aspects to be considered here,” he says.

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 “Suppose we shift just the first leg out of the country, we will have to go through a quarantine when we fly there. But we may probably also have to go through another quarantine when we’re back for the India leg, if Covid doesn’t relent. Or who knows, by October things will be different. Let’s see. Right now, we’re not ruling out the idea of playing the whole tournament overseas,” Patel said.

The Emirates Cricket Board (UAE) and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) have both offered to have the tournament if the BCCI chooses to move it abroad. Be that as it may, at the present time, UAE is by all accounts a progressively down to earth decision among the intuition heads in Indian cricket for an many of reasons.

“Also remember, wherever the IPL is played, it’ll be played to empty stands. So, if it’s available prime time for Indian fans, it shouldn’t be a problem,” Patel added.

Now all are waiting for the official announcement from ICC regarding the Big Event of IPL 2020.

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