June 19, 2024
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The Parent Test is set to return with another episode this Thursday, February 2, 2023. In previous episodes, some parenting styles were put to the test to see what happens when a stranger answers the door.

In the upcoming episode, a similar experiment is set to take place. Since dangerous people aren’t always complete strangers, the co-hosts wanted to check how the children would respond if someone they knew came to pick them up from somewhere.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

“The parade of parenting continues when Disciplined, Traditional, Child Led and Helicopter parents take the spotlight as their families face the Unexpected Pick-Up and Driving Me Crazy challenges. When the children are given the decision-making power, will they make impulsive decisions or rely on their upbringing to guide their choices?”

Tune in on Thursday, February 2, at 9 pm ET on ABC to watch the upcoming episode of The Parent Test.

The upcoming episode of The Parent Test will test children’s responses to stranger danger

In the upcoming episode of The Parent Test season 1, titled Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare, the parenting styles that will be put to the test include Disciplined, Traditional, Child Led, and Helicopter. Andrea McCoy is one of the parents whose parenting styles will be examined, as per a sneak peek uploaded to social media.

In the clip, Andrea receives a text informing her that the show is going to have someone they’ve met in the past pick up her daughter. During Star’s singing lessons, the parent from The Parent Test tells her daughter that she will be right back. However, when the lesson is over, Star is left wondering where her mother is. In her confessional, Andrea said:

“I’ve always taught my daughter that you don’t go with anyone without my permission.”

Instead of her mother, Star is greeted by their next-door neighbor, Miss Julie. Andrea admits to being on the fence about what her daughter would do when the neighbor tells her that her mother asked her to pick her up from her lesson. She’s hopeful that “she’ll make the right choice.”

After meeting Miss Julie, Star said she was wondering if there’s no way that the former’s just there randomly. She then texts her mother to make sure that she has Andrea’s approval. Andrea decides not to reply right away to see how her daughter would respond under pressure.

Another clip states that Dennis’s son meets a dog owner in the park. The man asks him whether he wants to go see puppies, who are right around the corner.

Previously on the show

In the previous episode of The Parent Test, the parents had to talk to their children about s**. The Child Led parenting technique believes in children coming to the parents with questions, so instead of the parent standing and talking to them, the children stood next to the diagram depicting the human anatomy and asked questions.

In their confessional, the parents explained that the questions were weird for them since they’d never talked about it. Arlo said that he told both Ari and Ava that they were “dropped off by storks.” He added:

“Ariana believed it until she learned in school. She’s like I know where I came from. Ew.”

Tune in on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 9 pm ET on ABC to watch the upcoming episode of The Parent Test.

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