July 24, 2024
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Forspoken features tons of magic spells and combat abilities infused with the parkour movement of Frey, the game’s protagonist. One unique aspect of the game is how it adds a living bracelet called Cuff to deliver critical information to the players. It is not merely for plot exposition and one can even use it to counter enemies in battle.

Cuff is a valuable tool to parry or counter an incoming attack. Players can press the triangle button to counter, but when pressed at the right time, the encounter can even inflict a return attack. This will even help Frey regain her health.

Mastering the precision counter in Forspoken


Forspoken is an open-world RPG at heart and features a variety of enemies to face and locations to visit. Frey can also be decked out with many magical parkour abilities and spells. The enemy variety encourages you to mix and match these spells to win the battle.

You can use Zip to dodge enemy attacks in Forspoken. Combining it with other abilities like Rush can help you get out of harm’s way with ease.

There will be times when you won’t have an option but to face enemy attacks head-on. This is the ideal time to use the Cuff counter mechanic.

The best way to trigger a Cuff counter is to press the triangle right before a foe’s attack lands on Frey. Executing this gives you much-needed leverage over the enemy. You can either choose to dodge away after this move or continue to attack aggressively. You can even regain a bit of your health.

The precision counter is another technique to parry the attacks effectively. This is different than the cuff counter. This requires even more precise timing and judgment. You will be shown a brief tutorial about this when fighting the Recreant Knight. This is the best battle to practice the timing of this move.


In higher difficulty settings, pulling off a precision counter gets harder too. The only way to be able to execute it is to keep practicing it. One way to do so is by running into enemies in the open world, trying out Cuff counters, and figuring out their animations. This helps you look for an opening to exactly press the Triangle button.

Alternatively, you can find many deer in the open world of Athia. They are perfect foes to practice with. You can take note of their animation speed and impact points to gage how to execute counters on other enemies in the game successfully.

One way to do this is to wait for an attack to land and then press the triangle button to perform a precision counter. You must ensure to press the button at the right time and not too late, as the enemy will chip away at your health, and you will only regain a small amount of lost HP.


Forspoken has no block button or moveset around it. The reason is that the Cuff automatically stops the attacks and absorbs some damage. Thus, you can allow enemy attacks to land and then think about countering them.

To add more weight to the precision and cuff counters, you can equip Frey with nails and necklaces. Some of them are bound by some unique status effects in Forspoken. You can deliver a shock or freeze them on the successful execution of a precision counter.

Forspoken is Square Enix’s ambitious new IP (Intellectual Property) before the next Final Fantasy eventually releases. The game includes a diverse cast and attempts to add gravitas to Frey’s story. Athia’s mystique, combined with many magical spells, have turned out to be the selling factors.

The game has witnessed several delays and had raised many concerns about its launch state. Early reviews from critics and impressions from fans, however, are mostly favorable. Both PlayStation 5 users and PC players can even check out the demo before buying the game.

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