April 13, 2024
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Boruto episode 280 returned this week with a much-awaited confrontation. The remaining survivors, Rokuro, Shamo, Yatsume, and Namua, exited the fourth game as Boruto stayed behind to face Kiseru, whom he had suspected was behind the murders of Batta and Fugou.

The others returned to the game, hoping to learn the truth, surrounded Kiseru and Boruto. What ensued was an intense battle and a shocking plot twist.

Boruto episode 280 throws a major plot twist

Boruto episode 280 began with Boruto coming face to face with Kiseru. He wanted to know the truth behind Batta and Fugou’s murder. Refusing to answer, Kiseru made a run for it. Back in the common area, Rokuro, Shamo, Yatsume, and Namua decided to help the blonde and find out the truth for themselves.

Thus, as the gates were closing, Namua urged them on as he held the doors open and succumbed to his injuries. Aiding Boruto, the four of them surrounded Kiseru and demanded to know of his involvement with Ouga. Again, with no answer, he used his jutsu, busted through the ground, and brought them all into an underground cave.

Boruto episode 280 then introduced its first bit of action as an intense fight ensued. Realizing the numbers advantage, Kiseru was successful in separating them and landed a fatal blow to Rokuro’s injured abdominal area. At the Leaf, Sarada, Kawaki, and Mitsuki went back to the trap site and encountered four masked shinobi.

Panning back to the maze, Kiseru targeted Yatsume and Shamo. In a bid to fight back, Yatsume used her lightning style but it was futile against him. Coming to her aid, Shamo’s jutsu managed to create some distance and sent Kiseru retreating as he seemed to have dropped a scroll.

Back at the Leaf’s side, Sarada tried to attack the masked shinobi, but they were far more skilled. Choosing to surrender, the masked ninja revealed that they were shinobi from the Five Great Nations’ Investigation Team. They were looking into the mysterious disappearances taking place all over.

Additionally, Boruto episode 280 revealed that Kiseru was part of the same team and was sent as an undercover agent to Kara. Like others before him, he too had disappeared and most likely, a surviving member of the Kara was behind the disappearances.

Through the scroll Kiseru dropped, Shamo learned the truth and rushed to stop the fight between Boruto and Kiseru. With the weight of the mission and the grief from losing his friend, Kiseru had a breakdown and began to attack Boruto. The pair locked fists until Shamo jumped in between and took Kiseru’s attack head-on.

Coming back to his senses, Kiseru stabbed Boruto. As the blonde fell unconscious, he whispered to him that the maze was a genjutsu. He released him from it. That was when Boruto episode 280’s big reveal took place. Boruto awoke in a room with all of the Maze’s participants present, unconscious in pod-like machines.

Fans taken aback by the major plot twist in Boruto episode 280

Not in their wildest dreams, fans had predicted such a major twist. Kiseru was initially suspected of being a member of the Kara and working with Ouga in some way.

However, the appearance of shinobis from the Five Great Nations’ Investigation Team changed everything. Kiseru was actually undercover as a Kara Outer and found his way into the Maze.

Furthermore, he discovered a way to break the Genjutsu and free Boruto, awakening him to the truth.

Boruto episode 280. An unexpected turn of event, turns out it was all a genjutsu and the connection to Kara is bigger than expected. It felt satisfying to see the mysteries unfold, i’m excited to see what’s gonna be revealed next week8,5/10. Next episode will be huge ? https://t.co/0Phblqocjh

Okay the new Boruto Episode is for sure a 8-9/10 ! Great Episode and i didnt expect something like that. That a plottwist ?I will not post any Screenshot until tomorrow. #BorutoEpisode280#BORUTO https://t.co/ds7eEob7WT

Everything was a damn Genjutsu ?

Final thoughts

Such a huge reveal changes the course of the story. With Boruto awake and Team collaborating with the shinobi of the Five Great Nations’ Investigation Team, the chances of finding the passengers’ whereabouts have increased.

It was still up to the blonde to figure out where he was and what the purpose of the kidnappings were.

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