Southern Hospitality season 1 aired episode 3 on Monday, featuring a big blowout between TJ Dinch and Mikel Simmons.

TJ has been grabbing attention since the previous episode as he threw shade at Grace Lilly. He was seen calling the latter’s Instagram posts inappropriate, resulting in a fight between the two. Despite their feud, Grace invited TJ to her birthday tea party.

As soon as he arrived, TJ started passing comments on Mikel and his work ethic. He called Mikel and Grace “unprofessional,” which triggered the VIP host of Republic Garden & Lounge. Mikel started screaming at TJ and left the party after throwing a drink.

TJ does seem like a hater. 1st your judging Grace about her IG now your making side comments about Mikel. What’s the problem? Seems like your very invested in stuff that has nothing to do with you. #southernhospitality

While fans didn’t appreciate Mikel’s behavior, they also felt that TJ was a hater who had no business judging others.

Fans claim TJ Dinch is a “fake”

Since the first episode, it was clear that the staff at Republic nightclub were not big fans of Mikel Simmons and Grace Lilly. They disliked Mikel after he betrayed his boss Leva Bonaparte by taking VIP guests to some other nightclub.

While Leva forgave him and brought him back to work, bartender TJ Dinch and VIP host Joe Bradley were not happy to work with Mikel. The latter found out that TJ called him “unprofessional” and was badmouthing behind his back.

In Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 3, Mikel was triggered after TJ made side comments at Grace’s birthday party. Fans wondered why TJ hated Mikel and called the latter “trash.”

Take a look at fans’ reactions:

What’s TJ’s obsession with Mikel? He messed up but everyone has moved on. It’s not that it’s his bar…#SouthernHospitality

TJ reminds me of all the jaded, miserable, dark clouds I’ve worked with in my 10+ years in the restaurant industry #getrid #SouthernHospitality

I don’t trust TJ listening in on Grace’s and Leva’s convo about throwing parties. A hater eavesdropping is bad juju! #SouthernHospitality

In Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 3, a game was played at Grace’s party. The rules stated that each person would write down a remark that they heard from someone in the group about someone else.

When it was Joe Bradley’s turn, he read:

“They don’t deserve to work at Republic.”

Mikel instantly looked at TJ and stated that it was a “thirsty b**ch quote.” He claimed that the remark was about him when Joe mentioned that they didn’t know who said it. In response, Mikel laughed and said that they were all fake.

Seeing Mikel’s meltdown, TJ commented by saying, “such class work,” which triggered Mikel more and he started screaming at TJ. Toward the end, Joe asked him to calm down and mentioned that Mikel had to work with him and TJ that night. The statement somehow irked Mikel and he threw a drink at Joe and TJ.

Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 3

Episode 3 of Southern Hospitality season 1 was majorly focused on Mikel’s fallout with TJ at Grace’s birthday party. But the episode also peeked into other cast members’ personal lives.

While Emmy Sharrett bragged about her s*x life with boyfriend Will Kulp, viewers met Lucia Pena’s love interest. She got back together with her son’s father in the hope of becoming a family again. Maddi Reese also spoke about her former boyfriend to the girls. In the previous episode, she decided to give her ex-boyfriend a second chance.

The official synopsis of Southern Hospitality season 1 episode 3, titled Toxic Tea Party, read:

“Mia faces pressure from her dad about her career choices and love life; a back injury leaves Joe on the floor, making room for Mikel to earn back his spot as VIP host; TJ continues to fuel the fire with Mikel.”

Episode 3 also showed Mia Alario talking to her father about her chef boyfriend Owen. Furthermore, the latest installment ended on a cliffhanger. In the upcoming episode, viewers will see the group heading on a one-day fun trip.

Southern Hospitality season 1 airs new episodes on Bravo on Mondays at 9.00 PM ET.

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