WWE Superstar Karrion Kross has fired back at fans criticizing his heel work.

Kross and his wife Scarlett are currently embroiled in multiple feuds. On one hand, the couple is feuding with another real-life couple in Madcap Moss and Emma. The two duos even wrestled in intergender matches at house shows. The other feud is with Rey Mysterio on SmackDown, which hasn’t entered the squared circle yet but sees the pair antagonize the legendary luchador every week.

The Herald of Doomsday was one of the first formerly released superstars brought back to the company by Triple H. He originally debuted on the July 19, 2021 episode of RAW as NXT Champion, but without his awe-insiring entrance or even Scarlett. He was also put in a hideous attire and went on to lose to Jeff Hardy in quick fashion.

In a recent appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast with Peter Rosenberg, Karrion addressed the criticism he faced following that match and justified it by saying that he was just doing his job.

“If I’m working as a heel, my main job is to make sure the audience stays behind my babyface – always,” Kross explained. “So, all of the things that people say all the time that they don’t like that I’m doing or I’m not doing enough of, or they want to see me doing this, there’s a little bit of a reason why I’m not doing it. I’m fully aware of that.” [h/t Wrestling Inc]


Now that Karrion Kross and Scarlett have passed that phase of their careers, they can look forward to being better booked by Triple H.

Karrion Kross shared his thoughts about working with Rey Mysterio

Karrion Kross recently opened up about working with Rey Mysterio.

The feud between the two superstars has barely started, with the former NXT Champion just using words to antagonize the Master of the 619. Most recently, he threatened to put Rey out of his misery.

Speaking on the same episode of the Cheap Heat podcast, Karrion discussed how it is an honor to work with a legend like Rey Mysterio.

“Over the moon, over the moon [excited to work with Rey Mysterio]. So, there was like three luchadors that I had on my list.” Kross mentioned. [h/t POST Wrestling]

He also mentioned that he would be interested in working with AEW stars Penta and Rey Fenix.

Despite insulting Rey Mysterio onscreen, Karrion Kross is seemingly quite excited to feud with the former WWE Champion.

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