Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, seemingly addressed another sad news to his fans following Henry Cavill’s exit from the Superman franchise.

The DC Universe was on its way to moving forward with The Rock’s latest blockbuster movie, Black Adam. Unfortunately, The Great One of WWE distanced himself from the film’s studio by unfollowing them on social media.

Following the release of Black Adam, Warner Bros. Discovery hired Peter Safran and James Gunn to steer the ship for all DC projects. The movie was supposed to spawn spinoffs, sequels, and more from Henry Cavill’s Superman.

As the new DCU bosses map out the next decade, some planned projects, such as Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3, are being shelved.

Despite his return to the Black Adam film, Cavill recently stated that he was done playing Superman. The announcement confirmed rumors that Black Adam 2 would not be made under the Safran/Gunn regime.

The Rock has unfollowed the Black Adam and Warner Bros. Discovery’s Instagram accounts. https://t.co/d2sdliLK4e

Following Cavill’s announcement, former WWE Champion The Rock unfollowed the official pages for Black Adam and Warner Bros. Discovery on Instagram.

If he knows for certain that he will not return for a sequel, this could be a subtle sign that he is washing his hands off Black Adam.

Why did The Rock unfollow the DC Universe from his social media?

Dwayne Johnson appears to have stopped following the official accounts on Instagram due to a change in “the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe.” James Gunn, the new co-CEO of DC Studios at Warner Bros., could be blamed for the demise of the current DCEU.

The former WWE Champion pushed for Black Adam to fight other characters, and he was probably hoping for his own Batman vs. Superman film in which he faced off against Cavill.

We fought for years to bring you back. They always said no.But to @DanyGarciaCo @hhgarcia41 & myself no” was not an option.We can’t build out our DCEU w/out the world’s greatest superhero.And fans will always come first. Welcome home.I’ll see you down the road.~ #BlackAdam https://t.co/5HLtxm7a6y

If Black Adam 2 is dead in the water, it could be because the story’s future isn’t in line with what Safran and Gunn want for the DC Universe.

That’s essentially what James Gunn told Cavill about his Superman, as he has a new vision for the Man of Steel that will see him personally writing the script for the next film starring a new actor.

Do you think The Rock’s sudden move is a potential hint for him to return to WWE and face his cousin Roman Reigns at WrestleMania Hollywood? Sound off in the comments section below.

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