Walrein is the final evolution of Spheal and Sealeo in Pokemon GO. It has been a part of the game since 2017’s Winter Holiday festivities.

Beginning on December 15, 2022, Walrein will be seen much more frequently as its prior evolution, Spheal, will be a featured Pokemon in this year’s Winter Holiday event.


If trainers can’t wait that long to get themselves a Walrein, Spheal’s Spotlight Hour event may be a solid alternative. Beginning on December 13, 2022, from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm local time, Spheal will be spawning in massive amounts in-game.

Since Walrein isn’t available as a raid boss or a research reward at the moment, evolving a Spheal and Sealeo is the best way to acquire it. However, does it also have a shiny form available for capture?

The good news for Pokemon GO trainers is that the answer is yes, but it will likely require catching a shiny Spheal first.

How to catch a shiny Spheal in Pokemon GO This December

Shiny Spheal and Walrein as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via LiftingAndZombies/YouTube)
Shiny Spheal and Walrein as they appear in Pokemon GO (Image via LiftingAndZombies/YouTube)

If trainers are hoping to snag a shiny Walrein this winter, the Spotlight Hour on December 13, 2022, and the upcoming Pokemon GO Winter Holiday event will be crucial for them.

Trainers will first need to find a shiny Spheal. They can then evolve it into Sealeo and Walrein. However, considering how often Spheal will spawn in the coming days, encountering enough individuals to trigger a shiny appearance should be much more likely than during standard gameplay.

Here’s what you can do to catch shiny Spheal in Pokemon GO:

  1. Head out into the game world during Spotlight Hour or the incoming Winter Holiday event. Spheal should appear quite often as a wild Pokemon spawn, particularly during the Spotlight Hour, when the majority of spawns will be replaced by Spheal.
  2. While hunting, prioritize high-population areas if possible, as these locations tend to spawn more Pokemon in the wild due to the player density.
  3. Keep moving! As you progress through the game world, movement ensures that spawns will continue to refresh.
  4. If you’re still having trouble not encountering enough Spheal, it may be time to use an Incense or a Lure Module. These two items will boost spawns around the trainer and an attached Pokestop, respectively. Additionally, you can use a Glacial Lure Module, as this lure can attract Ice-type Pokemon, including Spheal.

It’s important to note that the information above will allow Pokemon GO trainers to find Spheal more often, but the chances of a shiny appearance are still quite small.

You’ll need to encounter Spheal as often as possible, as each encounter has the potential to trigger that small percentage chance of its shiny form appearing. By that logic, more Spheal encounters simply mean more chances to find its pink-hued shiny form.

Another point to note is the status of Spheals found during Pokemon GO’s Winter Holiday event. This particular iteration of the Pocket Monster will be wearing a holiday scarf.

It’s unclear whether this costumed Spheal will be able to evolve, but if it can’t, trainers may need to rely on the upcoming Spotlight Hour more than expected. If things don’t pan out well during shiny hunting, it may not be a bad idea to trade for a shiny Spheal/Sealeo/Walrein.

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